Smarter is a personalized service for Older Adults and their families to demystify technology and ensure you get the most from your devices and services. With technology moving so rapidly, we can all use a little help decoding what is best for us.

Smarter is available Monday – Saturday 7AM PST – 7PM PST

Smarter is a one of a kind service that understands technology can be transformative, but only if we’re comfortable using it. There are plenty of places to buy technology, and plenty of services to install it, but Smarter is working with Older Adults to use technology and plan for technology based on unique preferences and interests. What may be a convenience today could be a tool tomorrow to keep Older Adults in home longer, and Smarter is there to support them all along the journey.
You can manage the time you spend with your advisor in your home or virtually based on the plan you select.
Absolutely. You simply call, text or video call Smarter and we have experts on standby to help you solve your technical problem.

Smarter takes safety seriously, and our staff goes through extensive vetting and background checks. Safety protocols while in home means different things for different members, and we honor the wishes of the home owner. Link here to learn more

There are different plans depending on what a member is looking for.

You are assigned a Smarter Advisor at the start of your Journey. You have a team of Trusted Advisors available virtually, but your main contact will remain the same.

Smarter fixes, trains and supports your technology use. Click here to learn more


12334 Otsego St. Valley Village, CA 91607