The Smarter Service is a personalized tech concierge service for older adults, their families and businesses caring for older adult communities. We provide personalized tech assistance and enrichment programming that empowers older adults while relieving loved ones or staff.

The Smarter Service is available Monday – Saturday 7AM PST – 7PM PST.

The Smarter Service understands technology can empower older adults, but only if they’re confident using it. There are plenty of places to buy technology and services to install it, but our Concierges approach your relationship with technology as a personal journey. We take time to get to know you, we care about your experiences and we are always there to lend a helping hand. This collaborative approach separates us from the basic tech support available.

Typically, a concierge visit is 60 – 90 minutes, but your plan is tailored to your needs. Whether onsite at your community, in your personal residence, or accessed virtually, your Concierge will never rush you or make you feel embarrassed about your questions or concerns.

Absolutely. You simply call, text or video call your Concierge and we will help you solve your technical problem.

We take safety very seriously, and our staff goes through extensive vetting and background checks. Safety protocols while in-home mean
different things for different members and communities, and we honor the wishes of our hosts.

There are different plans depending on the needs of a community or individual. Learn more about our individual member plans here. For communities, contact us here for a custom quote.

A Smarter Service Concierge is assigned to each individual or community. You have a team of Concierges available virtually, but your main contact
will remain the same to ensure you have a trusted and personalized experience.

We provide robust access to tech fixes, learning opportunities, concierge desks, technology discovery, and more. While we do not provide some services such as data migration or large installations, we will always help you manage third-party support through our trusted partners for anything we do not do.

A family check-in is a scheduled time to check in with our members and their loved ones to share progress and new tricks, offer up tips on technology that they may find useful, and ensure that they’re using their devices optimally. Certainly, our members can always call us, but having time on the books for family to know you can get questions answered or advice on emerging technology needs is invaluable. Typically, our check-ins are virtual, but if we surface a need that requires a home visit,
we’ll be there!

Our needs for technology, whether for business or personal use, evolve. We put great effort into developing a plan that ensures you or your business will experience the best technology path forward, personalized to you. The Smarter Service is there to help, recommending the right path forward, with learning and support engagement along the way, helping us map a path to confidence with technology.

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