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We believe that technology is only valuable when it is applicable. Which means we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions, or tech for tech’s sake. Once we know your specific wants and needs (your roadmap) we will explore how our three services can help improve your life.

Taking full advantage of the digital world can significantly simplify your life, leaving you with more time and energy to engage with the things that matter most. Your concierge will be at your side to help you create this Smarter Life.

  • Feel supported, safe and confident paying your bills online
  • Access new tools and techniques to manage your digital accounts 
  • Get personalized support for new device setup and features 
  • Become a master of your devices through ongoing training
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Sometimes technology frustrations begin as equipment problems. From your computer running slowly to your tablet not connecting to wifi, your concierge will asses your home and establish a Smarter Connection.

  • Ensure that all devices are connected to the home network and working properly: Printer, laptop, cell phone, tablet, etc. 
  • Test network and device speed for optimization 
  • Provide recommendations for home technology and network optimization 
  • Set up and download basic security for all home technology 
  • Install a password manager across all devices
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Did you know that you can take care of most-if not all-of your health and wellness needs from home? Learn how to schedule and attend virtual doctor visits or sign up for yoga class. Feel informed and revitalized by Smarter Health.

  • Tips and installation for devices, so your doctor can do their job virtually
  • Step by step assistance to help you navigate virtual classes and appointments
  • Set up and training for your wearable devices
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