Navigating Tech Challenges in Senior Living Communities

In the evolving landscape of senior living, technology has become an integral part of residents’ lives. A positive shift, as tech can enhance independence, promote happiness, and foster connections. Yet, with the influx of technology comes a challenge: residents now move into senior living communities with between 5-7 devices each (LeadingAge), creating a demand for support. Strikingly, 73% of older adults express they lack the necessary help with technology (Pew Research).

The responsibility of supplying tech support, in many instances, falls squarely on the shoulders of senior living community staff—already overburdened by their workload. Our findings reveal that over 18% of staff time is consumed by navigating resident tech queries, with some communities reporting this figure as high as 60%. As senior living communities grapple with staffing challenges post-COVID, it’s imperative to explore avenues that not only bolster team efficiency but also enhance their well-being.

Enter the solution: dedicated tech concierge amenities.

These services not only claw back staff time but also contribute to a remarkable 20% boost in resident satisfaction (The Smarter Service)—all achieved without increasing headcount.

Whether on-demand, on-property, or virtual, The Smarter Services’ enterprise solutions are meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of each community we serve.

Embarking on a tech transformation journey has never been more crucial. It’s time to invest in amenities that enable both your residents and your team to thrive! 

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