Why Smarter?

Older adults can live happier, healthier, and safer lives with the help of technology, but only if they use it. Smarter helps solve technology issues and supports their use in an increasingly digital world.

Older Adults

Older Adults who are living their best life, and are looking to get more from technology.

Smarter gives Older Adults the independence and confidence to manage the technology in their lives so they can:


Tackle tech Issues when they happen, virtually or in home.


Get the most from technology with a personalized support plan to meet individual needs.


Build confidence when using devices and develop new technology skills.


Evolve technology so it meets needs as one ages, enabling older adults to stay at home longer.

Families & Loved Ones

Busy families & adult children who want to support their loved ones with technology, but don’t have as much time as they’d like.

Smarter gives a helping hand to families & their loved ones, ensuring technology is supported today, and planned for in the future.


Providing a partner to remove the strain and support their parents use of technology today, and in the future.

Peace of Mind

For Older Adults, it’s about building confidence and ensuring independence. For the rest of the family, it’s about peace of mind. Smarter delivers both.


Needs for devices and their functionality will evolve as your parents age. Smarter helps families plan for the inevitable.


Professionals who are working with Older Adults but find their time eroded trying to help with technology nuisances.

Smarter takes the pressure off of caregivers to support technology when they’re there for other purposes.

Knowledgeable Expert

Having a “go to” trained to address technology inconveniences.

A Trusted Partner

Available whenever issues arise.

A Techie Advisor

To simplify tasks and connectivity when your client’s needs change.

Retirement Communities

Sophisticated communities who want to support their residents and offer curated tech support that meets community needs. For Enterprise options click here.