Smarter Featured in Aging and Health Technology Watch

Laurie Orlov, the founder of Aging and Health Technology Watch, recently highlighted the challenges¬†older adults face when trying to access reliable tech support services. As technology continues to become more prevalent in our lives, it’s crucial that people have the guidance they need to adopt new technology. Unfortunately, many older adults struggle to find accessible help, as noted by Orlov in her blog.

At Smarter, we’re thrilled to be mentioned by Laurie as one of the companies working to address this issue. Our team is dedicated to bridging the tech support gap for older adults who may not be as comfortable with the latest innovations. We believe that everyone should have access to the benefits that technology can bring, and we’re committed to making that a reality.

We’re excited to be part of the solution to this critical issue. By providing accessible support to older adults, we can help them stay connected and engaged in the digital world. If you or a loved one needs some help tackling technology, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at We’re here to help you bridge the tech support chasm and make technology more accessible for all.

Be sure to check out Laurie Orlov’s blog post here.




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