The Smarter Service’s Top Tech Gift Recommendations for Older Adults

The holiday season is here, and there’s no better way to spread joy than by gifting your loved ones some tech-savvy presents. At The Smarter Service, two of our amazing tech concierges, Brett and Vince, have thoughtfully curated a list of their favorite tech gifts for older adults. These innovations are designed to enhance their lives, making them happier, healthier, and more connected. 

Let’s check out their top recommendations:

Brett Recommends
iPad (9th Generation)
The iPad (9th generation) offers incredible value at an affordable price. If you don’t already own one, or if your current tablet is more than five years old, this handheld touchscreen device is a versatile addition to your tech arsenal. Brett recently purchased one for his mom!

Here are just a just a few ways you can use it:
  • Borrow digital books from your local library (the Hoopla app is terrific!)
  • Access exercise videos
  • Connect with family and attend meetings via Zoom
  • Read emails and text messages (You can even use a keyboard or voice typing)
  • Anything you can do on your phone or computer can be done on an iPad.
Aura Digital Picture Frame
The Aura Digital Picture Frame is an excellent way to showcase precious memories. Friends and family can easily upload their photos to the frame, and you can even scan and add printed photos. This thoughtful gift allows you to relive cherished moments with ease.
Vince Recommends
Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2 with Constant Power Cable
Driving can become challenging as distractions on the road increase. A dash cam like the Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2 can be a valuable tool to combat wrongful claims or provide proof of incidents on the road. It’s easy to install, working directly from your car’s power source. Once set up, you won’t need to touch it again until you need to access the recorded data. Videos are stored on a removable micro SD card, making them easy to share with anyone who needs them. If WiFi is enabled, the camera can automatically upload videos to cloud storage when it detects an incident.
Ring Video Doorbell Pro
The Ring Video Doorbell Pro offers an extra layer of security and peace of mind for older adults. With its motion-activated recording and two-way communication, it allows homeowners to see, hear, and speak to visitors from their smartphone, tablet, or computer.  It also connects with other smart home devices like Alexa. Whether it’s monitoring the front door or keeping an eye on the surroundings, Ring adds convenience and safety to daily life.
Give the Gift of Tech 
This holiday season, consider giving the gift of tech to your older loved ones. Despite misconceptions, older adults want technology in their lives and are perfectly capable of using it. According to the AARP 2024 Tech Trends survey, 69% of those 50-plus made at least one technology purchase in the last year. They may just need a little help to make the most of their tech gifts, and that’s where we come in.
If you want to ensure your loved ones use your gifts to their full potential, reach out to us at or 805-SOLVE-IT. Vince, Brett, and our entire team are on standby to ensure this holiday season is a connected and joyful one.
Happy holidays from The Smarter Service team! 

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