Vida Roozen Interviewed on Let’s Talk Tech!

The Smarter Service COO, Vida Roozen, recently shared her insights on the latest technological advancements for older adults from CES 2024 during an interview with Deborah Dotson, M.Ed., on Laguna Woods Village Community Television‘s “Let’s Talk Tech.”

Vida and Debbie explore how these cutting-edge innovations, featured both within and outside the AgeTech Collaborative™ from AARP, are transforming lives. They showcase their top picks from the event, including tactile keyboard phone cases, holographic technologies, Xander Glasses—smart eyeglasses that display real-time captions for those with hearing impairments, Prisidio—a digital vault that organizes family heirlooms and important documents, and emotional support robots like ElliQ by Intuition Robotics—all designed to enhance independence and health management for older adults.

Check out Vida’s interview to discover more about these groundbreaking technologies and learn how The Smarter Service ensures older adults receive the support they need to fully benefit from these advancements!

👉 Watch the interview:

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