The Smarter Service Co-Founder Terry Dry on The Breakthrough Podcast

Terry Dry, the CEO, and co-founder of The Smarter Service, recently chatted with Alison Dean on The Breakthrough podcast. During the episode, Terry sheds light on his entrepreneurial journey, sharing invaluable insights and the motivation behind launching The Smarter Service.

During the podcast, Terry openly discusses the origins of The Smarter Service and the driving force behind its creation. As a member of the “sandwich generation,” Terry personally experienced the challenges his family faced with technology. This drove him to create The Smarter Service, a company dedicated to making technology accessible, intuitive, and empowering for older adults while providing peace of mind to their families.

He highlighted the need for a personalized approach to address the unique tech needs of older adults. Drawing inspiration from other service-based industries, Terry envisioned The Smarter Service as a company that offers dedicated support, akin to having a personal technologist at your disposal. This vision aims to transform technology from a source of fear and frustration into a powerful tool that enriches the lives of older adults.

Throughout the podcast, Terry also shared key learnings, emphasizing the importance of embracing change. His entrepreneurial mantra, “Change is inevitable. Struggle is optional,” encapsulates his approach to tackling challenges and unlocking extraordinary growth opportunities.

Don’t miss the full podcast here to¬†gain deeper insights into Terry’s entrepreneurial journey, the inspiring story behind Smarter, and how his vision is shaping a brighter, more inclusive digital future for all.

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