The Smarter Service Co-Founder, Terry Dry, on The Patricia Raskin Show

The Smarter Service CEO and co-founder, Terry Dry, recently made a special appearance on The Patricia Raskin Positive Living Show on Voice America. During the interview, Terry shared his passion for empowering older adults with technology and shed light on the inspiring journey that brought The Smarter Service to life.

As a member of the sandwich generation, Terry faced the unique challenge of caring for both elderly parents and school-aged children. Through this experience, he discovered the incredible potential of technology in providing remote support for his parents’ needs.

Throughout the episode, Terry shared heartfelt stories of how many friends and colleagues found themselves in similar situations—juggling the roles of caregivers and unintentional tech support for their parents.

One particularly touching anecdote featured Terry taking his 80-year-old dad to a baseball game, only to realize that everything was cashless and digital. Without Terry’s assistance, his dad would have missed out on the entire experience.

At The Smarter Service, we take immense pride in our personalized approach that opens doors to new possibilities and meaningful connections!  Our mission is to build strong relationships with our members, understanding their unique needs and aspirations. Whether it’s staying connected with family and friends, exploring new passions, or mastering digital skills, we tailor custom plans to fit each member’s lifestyle and goals.

Discover how The Smarter Service can help you or your loved ones build tech confidence and skills by visiting or by reaching out to us at And don’t miss Terry’s insightful interview on the Patricia Raskin Show here. Let’s embark on this tech journey with confidence together, embracing the digital world with joy and empowerment! 

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