The Smarter Service COO Vida Roozen Joins Expert Tech Panel

The Smarter Service’s COO, Vida Roozen, recently teamed up with host Joan Green for the enlightening “iGrandparent 101: Experts Share Resources and Wisdom for Teaching Tech to Older Adults” webinar. Alongside esteemed experts Rich Bowlin, Ron Brown, and Don Frederiksen, Vida contributed to a discussion that aimed to empower older adults with the confidence to embrace technology.

Leveraging her extensive expertise, Vida Roozen tackled the challenges faced by older adults when adopting new technologies. She spotlighted the enthusiasm many older adults have for technology, coupled with a need for bolstered confidence in navigating its potential. Sharing compelling real-life instances, Vida elaborated on The Smarter Service’s personalized approach, which strives to empower older adults with the skills and knowledge to confidently maneuver the digital world.

Vida’s insights struck a chord with the audience, emphasizing the significance of contextual learning. She showcased how The Smarter Service’s personal concierge service tailors its guidance to address individual needs and ambitions, ensuring that technology seamlessly enhances their lives.

If you’re seeking to empower yourself or your loved ones to navigate the digital landscape with confidence, The Smarter Service is here for you. We believe in fostering independence, building tech confidence, and enabling older adults to fully embrace the benefits of technology. Reach out to us at for a free consultation. 

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